The 200: 184-167

Time for Part 2 in my countdown to No 1.


184         She Sells Sanctuary   The Cult

183         Bigger Than Us  White Lies

182         Buildings & Mountains   The Republic Tigers  You Tube

181         Speakers Push The Air     Pretty Girls Make Graves

180         The Rat    The Walkmen

179         Elephant  Jason Isbell     You Tube

178         Animal Life    Shearwater

177         Feel Good Inc    Gorillaz

176         Feeling Good     Nina Simone

175         Why Can’t I Be You?   The Cure

174         Sometime To Return    Soul Asylum

173         Two Receivers    Klaxons

172         Lose Yourself      Eminem

171         To Turn You On   Roxy Music

170         Relative Ways    …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

169         Something To Talk About    Badly Drawn Boy

168         True Believers     The Bouncing Souls

167         Wrecking Ball    Crooked Fingers  You Tube


To put the list together, I identified 250 or so songs that I thought I’d include in the list. Then I started grouping them by preferences: My Top 40, Next 40, etc. I built the list from the top on down, the reverse of how I’m revealing it.

I tried to have a little fun with the each CD, grouping them by song titles or themes (such as The Rat, followed by Elephant and then Animal Life), or the two songs about feeling good back to back. I also tried to swing back and forth between styles.

179 – My most countrified song on the list (I did enjoy some Randy Travis back in my college days). Cancer sucks, but this song is simply beautiful.

171 – I once attended a Bryan Ferry concert in New York with a buddy of mine at Radio City Music Hall. We were seated next to two gorgeous co-eds. Midway through the show, these two comely lasses turned to us and asked, “Do you guys get high?”

Alas, that’s the end of the story. Love might have been the drug for the former Roxy Music frontman Ferry, but cannabis was not the gateway to anything besides a slightly loopy ride home on the MetroNorth for my friend and I (no need to out him here, just in case his wife or kids are part of my readership).

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