The 200: 166-151

Part 3 of the 12-part series. You won’t believe Part 7.

166         It’s Gonna Be A Long Night  Ween

165         Am I Wrong   Love Spit Love You Tube

164         Commie Drives A Nova  Ike Reilly

163         Kundalini Express  Love And Rockets 

162         Everywhere With Helicopter   Guided By Voices 

161         Mystify      INXS                                                   

160         Basement Parties    matt pond PA

159         The Mother We Share   CHVRCHES

158         Middle Of The Road   The Pretenders

157         Pull Shapes    The Pipettes You Tube

156         It’s My Life    Talk Talk   

155         The Ledge   The Replacements

154         Winner Take All   Staggering Statistics

153         Drunk Sincerity    Bad Religion

152         Analog or Digital   Wildlife Control You Tube

151         Golden Haze   Wild Nothing

166 – The most blatant homage to (ripoff of) another band on this list. Once you hear the song, it  shouldn’t be hard to figure out the source material. Ween can get away with it.

164, 162 – I included at least one song here that one of my children was a fan of, at least at some point in their childhood. My wonderful daughter Kiera thoroughly enjoyed Commie Drives a Nova, a song by the mostly unheralded Chicago musician Ike Reilly. Ian, for his part, was an early fan of Everywhere with Helicopter. Cormac’s selection comes later.

163 – The summer after I graduated college, I played on a White River Parks State Games men’s soccer team. We called ourselves FC Kundalini, after this song.

158 – As a writer, I tend to latch on to well-written lyrics more than some other music fans. “When you own a big chunk of the bloody third world, the babies just come with the scenery” knocked me on my ass the first time I heard it, and it still does.



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