The 200: 116-101

We’ve reached the halfway point of The 200, which is two-thirds the movie about that Greek battle and bowling perfection, but only 1/22nd as good as that USA Network show about alien abductees and the challenges they faced in their transition back to terrestrial life.


116         Huddle Formation   The Go! Team

115         Was There Anything I Could Do?    The Go-Betweens

114         Vacation     The Go-Go’s 

113         Stay Useless       Cloud Nothings

112         Rise Up In The Dirt    Voxtrot  (You Tube)

111         (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay   Otis Redding

110         Backwater   Meat Puppets

109         Amor Fati   Washed Out  

108         Better Things   The Kinks

107         Avant Gardener   Courtney Barnett

106         Pick and Choose   Stepdad (You Tube)

105         Young Turks          Rod Stewart

104         Mexican Radio     Wall of Voodoo

103         Turning Japanese    The Vapors

102         China    Red Rockers (You Tube)

101         Queen of Denmark   Sinead O’Connor


116 – The cheerleader song, as it’s known in my car. Perhaps the only song on the countdown that was a favorite of all three of the Markham children.


111 – Either the second-oldest or oldest song on the countdown, and the reason behind that uncertainty will be revealed later.


107 – Had too much Pseudoephedrine and I
Couldn’t sleep at night
Halfway down high street, Andy looks ambivalent
He’s probably wondering what I’m doing getting in an ambulance
The paramedic thinks I’m clever ‘cos i play guitar
I think she’s clever ‘cos she stops people from dying

I love that.


107 – Like the previous entry, this is a song from the past 10 years.  Clearly, the ’80s is the most represented decade in the countdown, as that represented my late-teen, early 20s. However, unlike a lot of people, my musical tastes weren’t frozen the year I turned 26. I’ve never stopped listening to new music, and I hope I never do.


103 – Not sure if this song reaches the airwaves today. Hell, the previous one might not either.


101 – When she was a junior soccer player at Andrean, Kiera was interviewed by one of the local papers for a little Inside Look kind of feature. One of the questions asked, what music do your parents play that you absolutely hate. Her answer was “Sinead O’Connor,” which surprised me only because I wasn’t aware she knew who Sinead O’Connor was. And while I love my daughter, she’s absolutely wrong. While she’s a sad story today (Sinead, not Munder), her debut, The Lion and the Cobra, remains an incredible disc, and this song from her post-SNL* retreat from popularity is just one of many in her catalogue of powerful gems.

*When she had the original Kaepernick moment, even if the two sported decidedly different ‘dos.


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