The 200: 100-85



100         Our Haunt   Palomar  (You Tube)

99           Haunted  Poe

98           Downbound Train   Bruce Springsteen

97             Just Another Day    Oingo Boingo

96           23    Blonde Redhead 

95           Save It For Later  The Beat

94           Cutoff    Jawbox

93           Carefree    The Refreshments (You Tube)

92           God Monkey Robot   The Apparitions 

91           I Predict A Riot     Kaiser Chiefs 

90           Lightning Blue Eyes   The Secret Machines (You Tube)

89           History Repeating   Propellerheads               

88           First We Take Manhattan   Leonard Cohen

87           I Will Follow         U2

86           Smalltown Boy    Bronski Beat

85           (Antichrist Television Blues)    Arcade Fire 


98 – By far my favorite Bruce Springsteen song, just a beautiful, haunting track (which is why it follows those other two songs). However, if I made a Bottom 200 list, I’m positive the title track from the album this song is on would make the list. While well-intentioned, Born in the USA is a plodding aural atrocity, with Bruce making the strange musical choice to go with the vocals via foghorn delivery.

97 – I always tried to introduce friends and family members to the music I liked, since they likely had no access to it any other way. One of my biggest successes was turning my mom (aka the greatest human being I’ve ever known) onto Oingo Boingo, or as she called them, Boingo Boingo.

93 – The lead single to this album, Banditos, unfortunately burnished the Refreshments as disposable, if comical, lightweights, an idea reinforced when they supplied the title track to the cartoon King of the Hill. That’s a shame, as Roger Clyne is simply a wonderful songwriter, and the two Refreshments albums remain mainstays in my CD rotation.

87 – Tied with INXS for the band I’ve seen the most often live. They also provided my “most famous” concert experience, when they played at the former Hoosier Dome in 1987. After the Bo Deans opened up, the band announced that second act Los Lobos had plane trouble and they wouldn’t be able to perform, but they found a local band to perform in its stead. The band came out, announced it played both kinds of music, country and western, then proceeded to play a Hank Williams song (senior, not the one with all them rowdy friends who like to watch football), and an original. It wasn’t until the band was shown on the big screen when it became apparent that it was U2 dressed up in country garb.

Oddly, at the aforementioned New Pornographers show I attended earlier this year, a fellow concert goer was relating a tale of this show to a friend of his. It was an older crowd.

85 – One of two songs on the list that sound like they could be Springsteen songs. Interestingly, they don’t sound like each other. Spoiler Alert: the other song is by the Hold Steady.

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