The 200: 50-35

50            Last Cigarette       Dramarama

49           Breaking the Ice     Mojave 3 (You Tube)

48           Insistor     Tapes ‘n Tapes 

47           The Whole Of The Moon   The Waterboys

46           Grey Cell Green  Ned’s Atomic Dustbin  

45           Girl From Mars    Ash (You Tube)

44           Windstorm    School of Seven Bells

43           Ice Cold Ice   Hüsker Dü 

42           Reason is Treason   Kasabian 

41           Under The Milky Way   The Church

40           Oldest Story in the World   The Plimsouls

39           Dear God   XTC 

38           Like A Prayer   Madonna

37           I Am The Resurrection       The Stone Roses

36           How A Resurrection Really Feels    The Hold Steady

35           Rapture    Pedro The Lion (You Tube)



48 – While I do love a good lyric, it’s not always a requirement. “And when you rush I’ll call your name/Like Harvard Square holds all inane/And don’t you know I’ll be your badger/And don’t be terse and don’t be shy/Just hug my lips and say good lies/and know that I will be your bail bond” is incoherent, but I like it just the same. I guess I mostly disdain moronic lyrics when it seems the author thinks they’re profound.


42 – Of my favorite bands, Husker Du is easily the one I most regret never having seen live, an unfortunate byproduct of not discovering them until they had just released their contentious, we’re sick of each other but we still managed to make a fantastic farewell album farewell album.


40 – If you’ve ever seen the movie Valley Girls (a much better flick than you’d expect, given the title), the Plimsouls were the band playing in the club when Nic Cage took the adorable Deborah Foreman to dangerous downtown L.A.


38 – What I said about the Pointer Sister’s song could be repeated verbatim for Madonna. I didn’t initially care for much of her catalogue, but was in love with this song from the get-go. Now, my playlist has a couple of songs from her.




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