Link Worthy: Thibs’ Tracker

I can’t believe I didn’t think to link to this earlier.

This is Ryan Thibodaux’s Hall of Fame tracker, the single best resource for following the upcoming BBWAA Hall of Fame election before the results are revealed. Thibs took his cue from the dearly departed Gizmo* at Baseball Think Factory, which simply tracked the votes of each publicly available vote, and some private ones. But he’s gone well beyond Repoz’s creation.

Thibs’ gives you everything you’d possibly be interested in knowing, plus some stuff you didn’t realize you ever wanted to know. Votes gained vs. lost, percentages needed among remaining voters to get elected, who voters would choose if not (wrongly) encumbered by the 10-person ballot, etc.

I’ve kind of had a ringside seat as Thibs has developed it through the years. I think I even pointed out a few votes to him in the early days (he needs no help now, as the BBWAA members go straight to him with their ballots).

*Which gained eternal fame when Frank Thomas admitted he’d been following “that gizmo” thing before his election in 2014.

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