75 Percent Less Fat: No. 37

Country, even in its alt-variety, is hardly my favorite genre. For instance, I find Wilco, the most prominent name in the field, extraordinarily boring. It’s not a widespread opinion, but what can you do.


But there is one exception to my lack of enthusiasm for Americana: the Old 97’s. The Rhett Miller-led quartet from Dallas has been turning out quality alt-country tunes for a half-century, highlighted by 1999’s Fight Songs.


The album bounces between bouncy jangle rock like tunes vaguely reminiscent of early REM and hard-driving guitar-driven songs, all carried by Miller’s delightfully clever wordplay


Highlights include: the crunchy opener Jagged You Tube; Crash on the Barrelhead, a song that may or may not have been about rival not the performer who isn’t Brian Adams You Tube; Murder (Or a Heart Attack), a song about a cat, You Tube; Let the Idiot Speak You Tube; a song about the songwriter.


Important Information:

Name: Fight Songs

Released: 1999

Record Company: Eletrka

Running Time: 45:19.

Track Listing:

  1. Jagged
  2. Lonely Holiday
  3. Oppenheimer
  4. Indefinitely
  5. What We Talk About
  6. Crash on the Barrelhead
  7. Murder (Or a Heart Attack)
  8. Alone So Far
  9. Busted Afternoon
  10. Nineteen
  11. Let the Idiot Speak
  12. Valentine








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