TBtB: Atlanta Braves

We’re down to just two parks remaining. We’re tucking this one at the very back because I don’t have a lot to say about it. I was going to invite Primate Sam into provide some insight, but I don’t know how long the banhammer fell on him.

SunTrust (I think that’s right) is the youngest ballpark in the game, and a park that I hope doesn’t begin an exodus from the central city to the suburbs. Of all the trends that accompanied the ballpark boom of the last 20 years, the movement back to highly dense areas in the city from paved nowheres in the suburbs, exurbs or beyurbs* is one of the best. And yes, tailgate-loving Wisconsinites, your objections are noted for the record.

This one might be a bit of a challenge. We may be limited on the geographic and historic fronts, given its home in the distinction-challenged Cobb County.

And we’d better do this quick. The Braves spent 30 years in Fulton County, then 20 seasons in Turner Field. At present rates, they ought to be angling for a new field fairly soon.

*How many of you wondered for a second if beyurbs really was another stupid new name for a city’s outer reaches that you hadn’t heard yet, and not just a name I created for this exercise?

Ballpark History

Built: 2017

Capacity:  41,084

Name:  Sun Trust, 2017-present

Other ballparks used by club in its current city:  Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, 1966-2016, Turner Field, 1997-2016.

Distinctive Features: Fast-growing evergreens in centerfield batter’s eye; Monument Garden behind home plate; presumably incriminating photos of Cobb County Commissioners stashed somewhere in the facility.

Ballpark Highlights:

On April 8, 2017, Georgia defeated Missouri 6-1 in the first game in the new park, witnessed by 33,000 fans. Almost certainly some of them were not under the impression it was a spring football game.

On April 14, the Braves beat San Diego 5-2 in the home opener. Ender Inciarte became the first player to register an out, a hit, a run and a homer in the new park. He also became the first, and possibly last, Ender.

In 2017, fans marveled at the Freeze, a crazy-fast, turquoise-suited freak who chased down competitors on the warning track in the rare between-innings entertainment that was totally worth watching.

In Game 3 of the 2018 NLCS, rookie sensation Ronald Acuna hit a grand slam to propel the hosts to a 6-5 victory over the visiting Dodgers, making the Braves the first team to win division series games in three different home ballparks (a feat we can only hope stands for a while).


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