They said what?

I’m not opposed to personal ownership of firearms, but I see no reason some common sense regulations can’t be placed on them. I also doubt the framers would disagree with that, or would get behind what we have now.
More notably, I liked this because it was a Washington “quote” that prompted this bit of silliness. There’s a famous GW comment on firearms, so famous that it’s been inscribed in granite some place in Texas. But there’s no evidence he said it, according to the curators at Mount Vernon.



They Said What?


18z9jkmbbpg82jpgThe backlash against the NFL protests is one of those areas where two groups of people simply can look at the same situation and see two very different things. Foes see this as disrespecting the flag and the country and the people who fought to protect it. I see it honoring the flag and the country and the people who fought to protect it, because the lawful ability to remonstrate against the government is one of the very things that makes the U.S. what it is.

And I’ve always respected individuals who will stand up for something they believe, particularly if they put themselves at risk. And even more so if the risk they’re taking is largely for someone else’s benefit.

Colin Kaepernick, for starters, wasn’t protesting to enrich himself, but primarily to improve the life’s of others. He did so at risk to his career and his reputation. I respect that, just as I respect Tim Tebow kneeling during games to show his faith. And both of them suffered, in different ways, from that willingness to put their convictions ahead of their careers.

To others, Kaepernick’s act is beyond the pale, and he needs to find a more fitting place to protest. But protest is not supposed to be comfortable, and can’t be to work. It has to shake us up.


sean-hannityI don’t believe every Donald Trump supporter, or even most of them, is a racist.

I’m not sure Donald Trump is a racist, though he’s at least racist-adjacent.

Even so, I do wonder how Trump supporters reconcile their backing for him with the passion that white supremacists, klansmen and various other racist trash have for 45. Hell, John McCain and Mitt Romney were running against a black guy, and the SPLC’s Hit List favorites didn’t get that jazzed about those two gents.

I’ve asked this particular question of several Trump supporters over the course of the last two years. I’ve never gotten a response. Not just a suitable response, but any kind of response.

They said what?

mike-pencePart IV in the ongoing series, subtitled, Dan finally learns how to perform basic web skills others perfected long ago.

For those new to the blog, this is not the first time the vice president, my former governor, has made an appearance here. I wrote a little about his one term running the Hoosier State here. Too lazy to link version: He was a spectacularly shitty governor.


They said what?


I actually really like Chrissy Tiegen, which I never thought I’d say about a model. But she’s smart and funny and a caring and devoted mom, all of which are traits I value. Still, she seemed the best candidate for this particular installment of stuff I said adjacent to faces of people better looking than I am. I’m really tired of the shaming accusations that get tossed around.

Not all criticism is shaming, and much of it is legitimate. There’s really a pretty wide chasm between claiming that obesity is a major health concern that needs to be addressed and responding to a sophomore girl’s selfie with “fatass.” We ought to be able to navigate it a lot better than we have.